The family of the victim of an alleged drunk driver is calling for tougher impaired driving laws

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This is the banner that our Bradley and Koralea Boettger (Stettler) were on in Langley, B.C. The "Families for Justice" petition was started by a Mom, Markita Kaulius who lost her daughter Kassandra May 3, 2011 to an alleged drunk driver. They collected another thousand signatures at the Canada Day Festival, but  need many, many, many MORE, to influence the Government to make changes.

We have joined up with this organization to fight for justice. Please help us with signatures from co-workers, family and friends. Every signature WILL help. We will make sure they all get to Markita.

Thank you.

For more information contact Dawn or go to the  "Families for Justice" Face book page

If anyone is interested in downloading the petition, go here,

Source: Global News BC

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