There seems to have been fewer impaired drivers on Ontario roads over the Christmas holidays.

That according to the Ontario Provincial Police who have released the final stats on their Festive RIDE Campaign on Thursday.

OPP Sergeant Peter Leon says there were 578 people charged with impaired driving during the 2014 campaign, down from 693 in 2013.

He says they also issued temporary license suspension to 481 drivers who were in the warning range -- that is down from 625 last year.

Leon says the drop in statistics is due to a great deal of public awareness on the issue of impaired driving.

He says groups like MADD are making people aware that impaired driving is the leading cause of criminal death in Canada.

The use of social media may have also contributed to the reduced number as drivers would avoid areas being patrolled by RIDE after reading it on platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

But Leon says while the social media is a factor it is very minimal.

He says drivers who are impaired will eventually be stopped and be dealt with accordingly.

While the Festive RIDE campaign is over, the spot checks will continue into the New Year.

Leon says officers will be out looking for impaired drivers both day and night.

He says people don't restrict their alcohol consumption to the evening hours and will often carry it into the early hours of the following morning.

Source: Bayshore Broadcasting


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